Mission Statement

The Church is the work of God initiated by Christ and held together by the Holy Spirit. Divine Child is a Catholic parish entrusted with the responsibility of bringing people to the Lord and answering the call to holiness.

Featured Event

Join us this Monday, June 14 at 7:30 PM for a "Family Gathering" as we prepare to grow together as a faith community with our new "family of parishes." This gathering will be held as a virtual event. 

Mass Times

8 AM | 9:30 AM
11 AM | 12:30 PM
10 AM Outdoor Mass
(weather permitting)
Recorded Mass shared at 8 AM

8:30 AM | 4:30 PM Vigil Mass 

Monday - Friday
6:30 AM  | 8:30 AM

Holy Days
6:30 AM | 8:30 AM | 7 PM

Our Clergy


Rev. Robert J. McCabe

Associate Pastors

Rev. Paul Graney

Rev. David Pellican

Permanent Deacon

Rev. Mr. Robert Calleja

Church Hours

6 AM - 3 PM

7 AM - 6 PM

6 AM - 7 PM

Private Confessions

6-7 PM
2:30-4 PM and after the 4:30 PM Mass

Eucharistic Adoration 

Every Tuesday
In the Church
Adoration from 6-7 PM
Novena at 7 PM

Attendees are asked to follow social distancing guidelines and to wear a face mask as recommended by the CDC.

Letters from the Archbishop

Letters to our Community