We are coming home to Divine Child for our 31st Annual Auction in support of Divine Child Catholic Schools. We cannot wait to once again launch our biggest fundraiser inside the halls of our high school.  See firsthand the beautiful upgrades past Auction funds have made possible by attending the auction on April 2nd, and touring the newly renovated weight room, or stopping for a sample in the state-of-the-art home ec room!  

Your contribution to the auction translates into real financial support for our schools, as 100% of the proceeds are divided between the high school and the elementary school. That means every sponsorship, every item donation, every admission purchased is helping us exceed our net profit goal of $160,000! We rely on the auction to support the important academic and building upgrades that keep our schools top of the line, and help our students reach their full spiritual and academic potential! 

And this is an investment in DC, in which we hope you, our generous donors will benefit tremendously! Please glance at the sponsorship options for the perks of your contribution! 

Last year, during unprecedented times and with a unique virtual approach to the event, we were able to raise $160,000.  That is a testament to the support of all of you who gave of your time and resources so that the pandemic did not slow Divine Child’s progress!


Brian O'Donnell '91

Quirino '90 DiDomenico

Cindy (Nemcok) Schreiber '75