Catholic Services Appeal

Dear Friends,

During the month of May, the Church celebrates the Feast of Pentecost. On that blessed day, the Lord sent down His Spirit on the disciples. The Holy Spirit appeared as tongues of fire over the apostles, and they began to proclaim God’s word speaking in many foreign languages and Unleashing the Gospel for the evangelization of the world!

Today, we know the Holy Spirit is still at work in the Church! He breathes life into our parish ministries, and ignites our hearts with God’s love. Undoubtedly, we could not have survived the pandemic without His guidance. 

Through Him, the Archdiocese of Detroit has been a beacon of light during these unprecedented times, aiding parishes - including Divine Child -  by providing messages of faith and hope, through the sharing of resources and tools, and by guiding us with directives to safely transition to in-person Mass. 

Through the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA), the Archdiocese has met the spiritual and physical needs of our parishes and set our hearts aflame for Christ. Perhaps one of the most critical ways CSA has done just that and benefited our parish is through the education and formation of our clergy at Sacred Heart Major Seminary (SHMS)! Just in the last 12 months one of our associate pastors, Fr. David Pellican, completed his priestly formation and was ordained for the Archdiocese of Detroit. Similarly, our new associate pastor arriving in July, Fr. John Dudek, and our permanent deacon, Dcn. Bob Calleja both received their education and formation to a large extent thanks to CSA dollars! 

Now the Archdiocese is seeking our help to Fuel the Mission and continue the new evangelization through the 2021 Catholic Services Appeal. Most of you have already received communication directly from the Archdiocese asking for your support.  I am asking you to prayerfully consider a $350 donation toward our parish goal of $233,857.  Remember, if we exceed our parish goal, the money remains with Divine Child. This year we will earmark any additional funds in order to replace our Gathering Space’s heating and cooling system, so as we begin to gather again for fellowship before and after Masses, we can do so comfortably for many more years to come!

As we work toward our fundraising goal, I ask you to join me in praying, Come Holy Spirit - for all things are possible through God! Thank you in advance for your generosity and support as we continue to Fuel the Mission of the local Church. I know every family’s circumstances are different - especially as the pandemic continues - so I’d like to thank any families who can give more to help make up the difference for others.  We are blessed to have a giving and compassionate community. 

Fr. Bob McCabe, pastor


Drop an envelope marked "CSA" in the collection basket or deliver in person through the rectory.