Our lives are never static, yet the one thing that remains constant is the promise of God's ever present love for us in his son, Jesus Christ. At the core of who we are, in the depth of our souls, is the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit that compels us to move forward with confidence and trust. We welcome you to the Church of the Divine Child.

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Fr. Bob McCabe

Fr. Bob McCabe is the pastor of the Church of the Divine Child. He came to DC from St. Pius X Parish in Southgate, where he led their church and school community for 11 years. 
Fr. Bob is very familiar with Dearborn and the Divine Child community. Prior to entering the seminary in 1989, he was a parishioner at Dearborn’s Sacred Heart Catholic Church for nearly 13 years. Upon his ordination in 1995, Fr. Bob celebrated his first Mass of Thanksgiving at Sacred Heart. With this strong connection to Dearborn, he has supported many of DC’s parish and school events over the years – if fact, many of us have seen him around campus before!  

Fr. Bob brings a lot of energy. He is a big proponent of Catholic schools and is committed to ensuring the success and advancement of our parish. He is also an avid and talented photographer, so you’ll be sure to see him out and about at parish events taking pictures!


Fr. Paul Graney, Associate Pastor

Hello everyone!

I am so grateful and excited to be welcomed to Divine Child as one of your next associate pastors. Everything that I have ever heard about your parish is awesome! I have been an associate pastor at Our Lady of Sorrows in Farmington for the past four years, which is how long I have been ordained as a priest. I am 35 years old and grew up in Oxford, MI with my parents Paul and Judy and sister Katie who is just eleven months younger than me. I attended Oxford Public Schools and graduated high school in 2003. My sister lives in Chicago with her husband Mike. They just had their first child last summer, a little girl named Morgan.

I grew up playing a lot of sports but my favorites were hockey and football. My dad taught me how to skate when I was just 4 years old and I continued playing hockey all the way into college for Oakland University's club team. I may be a little slower but I have continued to play weekly the past few years in men's leagues. I also like to golf, fly fish, ski, and go camping.

I attended Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit for six years and was ordained on May 14, 2016. I absolutely love being a priest and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever end up doing what I do. But it is amazing! I am ever grateful to live a life that brings peace, hope, and love to the people of the world, especially through the sacraments. I have very much been anticipating joining you on your journey as disciples of the Lord Jesus! Here we go!


Fr. Paul

Fr. David Pellican, Associate Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Divine Child,

I am blessed to be with you as Associate Pastor. The priesthood is a tremendous gift from God, and I look forward to beginning it with you. After eight years at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, I was ordained a priest on June sixth. Looking back, I often wonder how I ended up here.

Growing up I enjoyed the outdoors - hiking, fishing, etc. My family was strong in the faith, and living with my seven sisters was always something of an adventure. As a teen, I mostly just wanted to live an ordinary life, and though I heard the call to the priesthood when I was young, most of high school was spent trying to ignore it. It was not that I doubted God's call; I doubted whether I could really be happy giving up a family of my own. Eventually I decided to trust him, and followed his call into seminary.

The past eight years at seminary were filled with many challenges and blessings as I further discerned God's call, and began to prepare for the priesthood. In seminary I began to dive deeper into the beautiful truths of our faith, I grew to see my fellow seminarians as brothers in the Lord, and often came face to face with my own shortcomings as I began to pursue a life of holiness in earnest.

My first few weeks as a priest have been filled with gratitude to God for calling me, though unworthy, to share in the priesthood of his Son. I am eager to get to know you, and live my priesthood with and for you. 


Father David